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The Chesapeake Lymphedema Center has provided hope to individuals suffering from the distressing effects of lymphedema since 2006. Under the direction of Raymond Cooper, OTL, CLT, Center Director, our team of highly trained experts employ a safe and effective, two-part treatment program based on the principles of Complete Decongestive Therapy (or the Vodder technique). This highly successful and internationally recognized clinical protocol, combined with our personal, individualized  treatment philosophy, has provided hundreds of our patients the care and tools necessary to successfully manage this condition.


What is Lymphedema?


Lymphedema is defined as a chronic swelling of a body part which occurs when the lymphatic system is malformed or malfunctions (primary lymphedema) or has been damaged (secondary lymphedema). The accumulation of the high protein fluid that causes the swelling may lead to discomfort, infections, disfigurement, or even disability.  While there is no cure for lymphedema, the condition can be successfully managed. You can learn more about lymphedema here.

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